Dinner menu for the week

Dear guests,
our chef cooks Roman & Anna-Maria offer you
the dinner menu for the week
from Monday, 19.08.2019 to Sunday, 25.08.2019:

Monday, 19.08.2019

Mussels a la Marinera

Pork loin stuffed with prunes on airy mashed potatoes,
almond broccoli and spice sauce

Cheese tart with forest fruit

26.00 Euro

Tuesday, 20.08.2019

Gazpacho Andaluz (Cold Vegetable Soup)

Paella Valenciana

Flan with Grand Marnier (Spanish pudding)


25.00 Euro

Wednesday, 21.08.2019

Puff pastry with rucola and raspberry dressing

stuffed with goat's cheese and rosemary honey

Cod in herb crispy breading on lukewarm asparagus salad and cous cous

"Peach Melba" Half peach with berry puree and vanilla ice cream

26.00 Euro

Thursday, 22.08.2019

Tortilla Española on small salad

  "Conejo con Cebolla" Typical Mallorcan rabbit dish
For this purpose tanned Polenta sections

          Airy-light mouse from the Tahitian vanilla pod on marinated strawberries

26.00  Euro

Friday, 23.08.2019

Variegated salad bowl with roasted garlic forest mushrooms

  Crispy Barshfilet of nut potatoes, sautéed peppers and white wine foam

"Mohr in a shirt" Lukewarm chocolate nut cake with chocolate sauce and cream

26.00, Euro

Saturday, 24.08.2019

Beetroot Gazpacho with yoghurt cam

Braised pork cheeks with homemade bohemian dumplings and paprika

Pina Colada dessert in the glass

26.00 Euro

Sunday, 25.08.2019

Cold cucumber bowl small chef salad

"Piccata Milanese" of chicken breast with tomato spaghetti and basil

"Strawberries Romanoff"

25.00 Euro

Please book a table for dinner until 15.00.

Of course you can only choose parts of the menu or dine a'la carte.

We are happy to help!

We look forward to welcoming you at 7.30 pm for dinner!