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Dine in the restaurant under the palm trees

or in front of the fireplace ... not only for hotel guests!

Our Mediterranean cuisine is versatile, tasty and healthy. Take time to eat, as we do to cook! Everyone knows the Mediterranean cuisine, now one of the most popular cuisines in the world and an epitome of enjoyment and joie de vivre. Many cultures have left their mark in Spain, as in Spanish cuisine. Food culture belong together. Our goal is to introduce the Mediterranean cuisine to you in our restaurant.  


Our kitchen uses only fresh ingredients. The food is freshly prepared and processed gently. In this way, you can enjoy a home-style cuisine with the typical flavors and flavors. Of course we also consider the special wishes of our guests.


Fresh, down-to-earth delicacies characterize our light, tasty and varied cuina mallorquina (Majorcan influenced cuisine) with international character. It is characterized by a fresh and healthy preparation rich in vital substances. The ambience and the aromatic spices make this kitchen truly a pleasure for all senses.  


Mallorcans love good food and they love to eat extensively. You can enjoy the rich culinary variety on our shady terrace, under pines and palm trees. If the weather does not play well, we serve in our rustic restaurant with fireplace.

Rich late riser breakfast until 10:30 o'clock!

We offer you our popular breakfast buffet every day from 8.00 am under the motto: Everything your heart desires! Freshly prepared egg dishes of your choice, jam, honey, various cheeses, raw and cooked ham, fruit, different types of yogurt, cereals, coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, juices, bread, rolls, croissants and Ensaimadas. Should something be missing in our extensive offer, please order it from our staff. In addition, we are happy to provide you with a light breakfast if you want to leave early in the morning or go for a ride. Please order this the evening before.

Summer Barbecues ... Majorcan lifestyle with German hospitality!

Barbacoa is the name of a traditional barbecue in Mallorca. In summer, we regularly organize Barbacoas on our outdoor terrace. Here you can enjoy our Mediterranean grill creations in pleasant company with other nice guests. Let yourself be pampered by our friendly staff until midnight to your heart's content.

This is how Mallorca tastes ... every evening our restaurant is opened for you!

At lunchtime we offer you authenticity and lightness. In the day menu you can find delicious light food, such as egg dishes, sandwiches, salads, homemade cakes and ice cream. We offer a healthy diet with delicious dishes, where you do not have to give up good taste and enjoyment. Round off your dream day with a culinary experience from our Mediterranean cuisine.

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