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Wedding in Mallorca

Dream wedding in Finca Predio son Serra!

Is not it a dream to marry in nature? To marry on our beautiful finca surrounded by hundreds of palm trees? This dream can become a reality for you. We offer you to tie your knot for life in the stylish ambience of our finca. Your wedding can take place in the wedding chapel of Mortix or directly in the park of the finca. Here you can make the most beautiful moment in your life an unforgettable experience. The natural, charming surroundings of the finca make up the fairy-tale setting for your wedding day, an unforgettable wedding reception and breathtakingly beautiful wedding photos.


Our romantic finca makes your wedding what it should be, the most memorable day in your life and even fancy wishes are no problem. In close cooperation with your ideas, we support you in the realization of your dream wedding at Finca Predio son Serra.

It's a big - if not the biggest - day in life. In the run-up to a wedding there is much to do. For you as a couple, the preparation often means a lot of stress. To avoid this stress, we offer you our Wedding Planner service. With a sense for your ideas and great attention to detail, we develop together with you a party that suits you and reflects your own personal style. We do not pull finished plans out of the drawer, but listen carefully and try to transfer your ideas and wishes

into reality.

Our catering menu is a work of creative connoisseurs with a feeling for the special handling of food. We make sure that the eyes and taste are equally pleased. Wherever possible, we try to replace classic plates with glasses, cups, or other original, custom-made containers to make them special. Our highly qualified kitchen team is always on the lookout for creative recipe ideas and innovative forms of presentation that emphasize the theme of your wedding in terms of taste and visuals.

We can arrange for you on request...

Pastor / priest

Catholic - German or Spanish

Wedding chapel / church

Cristaix - space for 50 pax Church of Muro up to 100 pax

Floral decoration

Table, altar, ambience


Evangelical - German or Spanish

Gala buffet

Self service with staff


Max. 50 Pax

Wedding host

German or Spanish

Gala menu



Max. 100 Pax

Book now and soon celebrate your dream wedding with us.

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